light-check 2022 Law on on Cinematography

Law No. 05/2022/QH15 dated June 15th, 2022 of the National Assembly on Cinematography
Posted: 1/7/2022 7:30:17 AM | Latest updated: 1/8/2022 2:33:14 PM (GMT+7) | LuatVietnam: 5491 | Vietlaw: 571

This Law provides for general regulations on cinematography, including: film production, film distribution, film dissemination, submission of films for legal deposit and archive, promotion of cinematographic development; cinematographic development support fund.

One of the new noticeable points of this Law on the supplement of compulsory regulation on showing film rating and warning, applicable to films available to viewers via film screenings in cinemas, public screening venues, on television, the internet.

Films are rated according to their contents for appropriate dissemination according to viewers’ age or prohibition against dissemination as follows:

- P rated: Films eligible for dissemination to viewers of all ages;

- T18 rated (18+): Films eligible for dissemination to viewers from 18 years old or older;

- T16 rated (16+): Films eligible for dissemination to viewers from 16 years old or older;

- T13 rated (13+): Films eligible for dissemination to viewers from 13 years old or older;

- K rated: Films eligible for dissemination to viewers under 13 years old, provided that they are with their parents or guardians;

- C rated: Films prohibited from disseminating.

Films to which Film Dissemination Licenses or Broadcast Decisions have been granted before this Law, the time limit for implementing warnings and show film ratings to viewers is 01 year.

With regard to foreign investors, Article 8 of this Law specifies that each foreign investor’s capital in the cinematography sector does not exceed 51% of the charter capital.

This Law comes into force as of January 1, 2023.

The Law on Cinematography of Vietnam No. 62/2006/QH11status3 amended by Law No. 31/2009/QH12status3 , Law No. 35/2018/QH14status2 , and Law No. 61/2020/QH14status2 will expire when this Law comes into force.


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Effective Date 1-Jan-2023
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Published Vietlaw's Newsletter No. 571

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