blue-check Goods imported from Chile shall be entitled to tariff incentives under the CPTPP from February 21st, 2023

Official letter No. 76/XNK-XXHH dated February 17th, 2023 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade regarding Chile's announcement of effect of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans - Pacific Partnership (CPTPP)
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According to announcement of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Chile has completed procedures for approval of the CPTPP and the CPTPP will officially come into force for Chile on February 21st, 2023.

As the result, from February 21st, 2023, goods exported and imported between Vietnam and Chile shall be entitled to tariff incentives under commitments of the 2 countries at the CPTPP when the regulations on rules of origin of this Agreement are met.

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TPP Agreement

blue-check Goods imported from Chile shall be entitled to tariff incentives under the CPTPP from February 21st, 2023
blue-check Recommendations for the Ratchet principle under the CPTPP Agreement
blue-check Chapter 16 of TPP Agreement: Competition policy
blue-check Chapter 15 of TPP Agreement: Government procurement
blue-check Chapter 14 of TPP Agreement: Electronic commerce
blue-check Chapter 13 of TPP Agreement: Telecommunications
blue-check Chapter 12 of TPP Agreement: Temporary entry for business persons
blue-check Chapter 11 of TPP Agreement: Financial services
blue-check Chapter 10 of TPP Agreement: Cross-border trade in services
blue-check Chapter 9 of TPP Agreement: Investment
blue-check Chapter 8 of TPP Agreement: Technical harriers to trade
blue-check Chapter 7 of TPP Agreement: Sanitary and phytosanitary measures
blue-check Chapter 6 of TPP Agreement: Trade remedies
blue-check Chapter 5 of TPP Agreement: Customs administration and trade facilitation
blue-check Chapter 4 of TPP Agreement: Texitle and apparel goods
blue-check Chapter 3 of TPP Agreement: Rules of origin and origin procedures
blue-check Chapter 27 of TPP Agreement: Administrative and institutional provisions
blue-check Chapter 2 of TPP Agreement: National treatment and market access for goods
blue-check Chapter 1 of TPP Agreement: General definitions of terms
blue-check TPP Agreement: Chapter on Intellectual Property Rights