blue-check Groups of enterprises shall be subject to tax inspections and tax audits in 2023

Dispatch No. 586/TCT-TTKT dated March 1st, 2023 of the General Department of Taxation regarding intensified tax inspections and audits in 2023
Posted: 14/3/2023 8:52:18 AM | Latest updated: 21/3/2023 10:52:41 PM (GMT+7) | LuatVietnam: 5656 | Vietlaw: 603

The General Department of Taxation announces that in 2023 it will intensify tax inspections and tax audits with regard to these groups of enterprises:

(i) Enterprises operating electronic commerce and trading on digital platforms.

(ii) Enterprises that have related-party transactions, especially foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs) that suffer losses or have small trading profits compared to other local enterprises in the same industry; enterprises that have related-party transactions accounting for a large proportion of the total transaction value, and are eligible for tax incentives; trading enterprises that provide basic services such as contract manufacturing, processing and assembling of electronic components, textiles, leather shoes, etc. with low profits; enterprises that have incurred expenses of provision of internal services, royalty payment, etc. with great value from the related parties.

(iii) Enterprises and individuals having business operations in the real estate sector, focusing on real estate enterprises that have opened for trading but do not publish on mass media; real estate projects serving consumption such as social housing, offices for lease, real estate for production and industry; enterprises that transfer real estate projects.

In addition, tax Authority also intensifies tax inspections and tax audits of violations against regulations on invoicing and intensify inspections and audits of VAT refund, especially inspecting 100% high-risk applications for VAT refund within one year (from the date of tax refund).


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blue-check Groups of enterprises shall be subject to tax inspections and tax audits in 2023
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