light-check Procedures for quality inspection with regard to imported motor vehicles and parts, equipment of motor vehicles under EVFTA and UKVFTA

Decree No. 60/2023/ND-CP dated August 16th, 2023 of the Government on technical safety quality and environmental protection inspection and certificate of conformity from inspection for imported motor vehicles and imported parts and equipment of motor vehicles under the international agreements to which Vietnam is a signatory
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This Decree provides for application and procedures for quality inspection with regard to imported motor vehicles and imported parts and equipment of motor vehicles under the European - Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) and the UK - Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (UKVFTA).

Accordingly, application for quality inspection with regard to imported motor vehicles are regulated in details at Article 4 and the forms at the Appendixes enclosed with this Decree.

Enterprises have to submit online the application for quality inspection (electronic application) on the National Single Window), except for case of force majeure events, the enterprises may file a paper application.

Enterprises of parts and equipment that have been exempted from inspection of technical safety quality under a Notice are not required to file an application for inspection. However, they must submit a report on the import of these parts and equipment to the Inspection Body every 12 months.

The inspection of imported motor vehicles shall be carried out according to principles regulated at clause 3 Article 5 of this Decree. Accordingly, the Inspection Body shall inspect the discrepancies in the documents submitted with the application for inspection and compare one random model in a vehicle type in the application for inspection with the Certificate of Conformity/Declaration of Conformance of the vehicle, and check the chassis numbers and engine numbers of all vehicles.

With regard to imported parts and equipment, the Inspection Body shall verify the documents submitted with the application within 7 working days after receiving a duly completed application. If the application is not duly complete, the Inspection Body shall send a notice to the importer for amendments.

Within 4 working days of the inspection being assessed as passed and the application being verified as duly complete as prescribed, the Inspection Body shall issue a Certificate on the National Single Window (for online application) or in hard copy (for paper application) to each vehicle in the import shipment.

Article 8 of this Decree also regulates procedures for recall of motor vehicles due to technical defects and responsibilities of the importer.

This Decree comes into force from October 1, 2023 with regard to parts and equipment and from August 1, 2025 with regard to motor vehicles.


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