blue-check The Ministry of Industry and Trade will promulgate a Circular on “Manufacture in Vietnam”

Resolution No. 73/NQ-CP dated May 27th, 2022 of the Government on withdrawal of the task of formulation of Decree on "Manufacture in Vietnam”
Posted: 27/5/2022 12:47:11 PM | Latest updated: 1/6/2022 4:54:42 PM (GMT+7) | LuatVietnam: 5462 | Vietlaw: 562

The Government agreed to withdraw the Plan for formulation of a Decree on “Manufacture in Vietnam” and assigned the Ministry of Industry and Trade to promulgate regulations at the level of Circular.

This Resolution takes effect from the date of its signing.

Ms Phuong Thao (
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Effective Date 27-May-2022
ExpiredDate Unknown
Published Vietlaw's Newsletter No. 562

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Market Management

blue-check The Ministry of Industry and Trade will promulgate a Circular on “Manufacture in Vietnam”
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blue-check How to determine essential goods and services
blue-check From May 15th, 2021: Alcohol and tobacco products must use e-stamps
blue-check Semi-finished alcohol products must be also affixed stamps
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red-check Regulations on inspection performed by market surveillance authorities
blue-check Imposition of official anti-dumping duty on monosodium glutamate products originating in China and Indonesia
blue-check Vietnam initiates the investigation into imposition of anti-dumping measure on high fructose corn sweetener products
blue-check Materials consistently packaged in bags must have labels
blue-check Regulations on charges for settlement of competition cases
blue-check Types of business and activities are still suspended in Ho Chi Minh city after April 24th, 2020
blue-check Regulations in details on the Competition Law
blue-check Regulations on alcoholic beverages trading and advertising
red-check Criteria for award of the “Vietnamese National Brand” title
red-check Amendments to application specimens and reporting related to tobacco business
blue-check It's strictly prohibited from trading goods containing “Nine-dash line” image
red-check Scheme on holding international trade fairs for trade promotion